User-friendly and safe messenger for you and your company

Business in touch - the messenger
synchronized with Skype for Business

BIT has key benefits compared to other messengers:

Synchronization of chats with
Skype For Business

The possibility of creating
group chats

Safe storage of chat history
on your server

  • Security

    All necessary information stores on the personal server of your company. Only you have access to it.

  • Group chats

    BIT messenger complemets Skype for Business with group chats. Create a group chat, send messages to a group members.

  • Channels

    Create mandatory or voluntary membership channels in BIT and your employees will always be kept up-to-date of the latest news of your company.

  • Surveys

    Shape your personnel management policy based on employees surveys reports and get timely feedback.

  • Management feedback

    Employees of any level have an opportunity to ask questions to management of a company. Answers to FAQs are generated automatically

  • File transfer

    Transfer each other documents and media files.

  • End-to-end messages encryption

    BIT wouldn't allow third party acces to messages so as messages interception.

  • Unified media space.

    Have an access to the chat, channels and information update on any of your devices.

  • Users information updating through integration with databases

    Only authorized in the in-plant system of company users have an acces to data.

  • Data analytics

    Import surveys, messages, users activity statistics into convenient tables.

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The application has self-explanatory interface and doesn't require any special instructions.

Any user of Skype for business can easily use the new functionality of BIT messenger.

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